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What we do

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We meet every Sunday morning at 10.30am at Lane Theatre. 

In every service we sing praise and worship songs, both old and new, read from the Bible, pray, and someone, usually our pastor, will bring a message. 

After the first 30 minutes or so, children ages 3-11 can go out to Sunday School, where they will have a fun time and receive age-appropriate teaching.

Towards the end of our service each week, we invite all believers to partake in Communion.

At the end of the service there is a time of fellowship when we enjoy chat over tea and coffee.


As a fellowship we take time to pray in our own home situations on Sunday evenings and throughout the week, using topics of prayer given out in the Morning Service Sheet. 

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Bible Study & Prayer

We meet every Tuesday evening at Lane Theatre @7.30pm (Refreshments served from 7pm).  Our pastor, Andrew leads us in a study of a passage of scripture in an informal setting where questions can be asked and discussed.  This is also followed by a time of open prayer. 

We also have smaller prayer groups which meet to pray in homes during the week.     

Special Events

In addition to our regular meetings, from time to time there will be special events both at our main venue and elsewhere, which will be announced on the website and on facebook. 

Fellowship - the name of the day!
Fun with the parachute!
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