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Philip Wright and Jane Mitchell form the duo which is SLOG!  We are both Christians and met through attending the same church in Newquay.  Coming from completely different musical backgrounds, but finding some middle ground in a love of listening to jazz and funk music from the 80s, we found we worked well together and enjoyed creating our own music.  Andrew, Jane's husband, had an idea in 2015 to convert his garage into a small music studio and that's where SLOG began! 


In 2017, the first album, The Prodigal, was produced - we recorded it in various church buildings that were available at the time, then mixed and mastered it in the studio!  It was mainly arrangements of old hymns with one or two of our own compositions.

In July 2019 the second album was produced - Return to Rest, this time the majority of songs are original compositions from the past two years, to which we have added arrangements of two other songs, one composed by Marjorie Wright (Philip's mother) and another Philip originally composed with his brother for 100% Proof.

We hope you enjoy our songs and find them helpful.  We use some of our songs in our own church and will soon be making the sheet music available for those songs which are suitable for use in church worship. 

Philip Wright 

Philip is a drummer, guitarist and singer, but primarily a drummer and is most at home when playing Rock or Blues music.  

As a teenager in Stockport, he was part of the groundbreaking Christian rock band "100% Proof", which played nationwide in the 1970s and 1980s and featured in the Greenbelt Festival in 1981 and 1983, when the festival saw its largest audiences at Knebworth Park.

After moving down to Cornwall, Philip played in some blues bands, playing in a variety of venues. As well as playing drums and guitar and in addition to his involvement in SLOG, he enjoys making guitars when he has the time away from his day job of making bespoke furniture!

Jane Mitchell


Jane has been playing viola and piano since the age of 7.  Throughout her school years, she was a member of several string quartets and other chamber groups, as well as orchestras and choirs in Northampton. She was also a member of the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain for 2 years in 1977-1978.

In 1981 Jane gained a degree in music at Manchester University, where she was tutored by the Lindsay String Quartet, after which she went to the Royal Northern College of Music to study for a postgraduate diploma in Orchestral Studies.    

Jane now lives in Newquay; she teaches piano and oversees the music at The Quarry Gospel Church, where her husband, Andrew, is the pastor.


Both of our albums are currently available on iTunes, and Google Play store

The Prodigal - Cover Art.png

The Prodigal


9 tracks featuring some old hymns we have arranged and some of our own compositions, including the title track.

Tunecore Image.png

Return to Rest


14 tracks - 12 original compositions, a song written by Marjorie Wright, and an arrangement of a song originally composed for 100% Proof.

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